Artist Statement

“Being in the Present with No Regrets”

As I visualize my life, I see a dynamic tapestry.

My family, friends, Southern culture, moral code and determination represent the warp threads that give my life structure. While a diverse array of colorful weft threads symbolize my experiences, adventures, and lessons learned. They weave through my basic core values to create beautiful patterns of a dynamic life filled with promise and growth as an artist and individual.

As you visualize the planning, preparation and painting for my second Solo Exhibition at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, see a vibrant weft thread weaving its way through every aspect of my life giving me the focus and determination to overcome a series of difficult personal challenges.

This new series of paintings represents a visual tribute to the private paradise on the Earman River in North Palm Beach where I have lived for the past 35 years.  A pair of large oak trees twisted with age and dozens of palm trees dominate the lush tropical landscape. Each evening the back yard and river are flooded with brilliant light, cloud formations, and reflections. Capturing those vibrant moments became the focus of my exhibition. The paintings seem to relate and connect as they tell the story of my environment and life.

The structure for my Solo Exhibition was inspired by Svenja Deininger, a young Austrian artist selected to exhibit her work at the Norton Museum’s sixth RAW (Recognition of Art by Women) exhibition in the spring of 2017. During an interview, Svenja explained that she visualizes her exhibitions as a complete sentence filled with paintings representing nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Each piece of artwork is vital to the whole.  Svenja Deininger’s words resonated deeply with me as I moved from the concept of a series of skies and reflections to actually painting the pieces for my Solo Exhibition.

This shift to painting the more abstract qualities of skies and reflections was a very natural progression after painting outside in nature for over 17 years. Each time I set up my easel at the beach, a park, or my backyard, I experience the joy of mixing and putting color next to color and watching it create a sense of space and movement. All those years of standing out in the wind, mist or heat taught me to work quickly and decisively to capture dynamic moments with paint.

Like most artists, I have balanced my artistic life while working in the business world. I am proud to say, I am retiring from our company at the end of 2017. It is time to devote most of my energy and creativity to making art. As this new chapter in my creative adventure begins, I am filled with excitement and anticipation knowing I have the freedom to explore the essence of my creativity. The work in my Solo Exhibition is lighting an exciting pathway to my future.


Cynthia Maronet

Cynthia Maronet