Artist Statement


The most challenging puzzle piece to wedge into the life cycle of a Solo Exhibition is writing a new Artist Statement for my website.

How can I describe my life since August of 2023 when I accepted GARDENSART’s offer of a Solo Exhibition at Palm Beach Gardens’ Sandhill Crane Golf Club starting the end of January through April 30, 2024?

My answer: “I’m twirling”

The concept of twirling came from my cousin, Kathy Park, aka Durkee. When updating me on her creative life, she always says, “I’m twirling.“ As I adopted the concept of twirling into my life, I’ve realized Kathy is simply yet vividly describing the tempo of the creative process.

As we twirl, we are evolving, exploring and creating.

Creating: For the exhibition, I’ve translated my intuitive languages of color, light, shape, harmony and space into a new series of coastal paintings and pencil drawings.

Exploring: I’ve dreamed of printing images of my artwork on metal panels for years.  Turns out I only had to ask for the opportunity. GardensArts frequently exhibits photographers’ work on metal panels, so they had no problem saying yes to my dream.

It’s been a joyous exploration learning about HD ChromaLuxe prints on metal panels.

There are six HD ChromaLuxe prints in my exhibition that seem to open a window onto a tropical landscape.

Evolving: Recently I’ve been asking myself: “Am I painting myself into a corner? Is it time to switch directions? Take a watercolor Workshop? Return to painting outside? Devote more time to mixed media collages?” My answer is YES to all of the above.

Horizons: When asked about a title for my Solo Exhibition, HORIZONS popped into my head. It just felt right, because…

Horizons embody limitless potential. They represent the unknown, the uncharted territories waiting to be explored. Beyond its line, there are stories yet untold, adventures yet to be embarked upon, and dreams waiting to be realized.

I am deeply grateful to GARDENSART for sparking six madcap months of creativity by giving me the extraordinary opportunity to share my work with friends, family and collectors at Sandhill Crane Golf Club this spring.

Cynthia Maronet