Artist Statement

“Coming Full Circle”

Years ago, I realized the many benefits of being an artist. I could give myself permission to go on tangents, follow mistakes, engage in serious play, silence the critics talking away in my head, and fall into that intuitive, nonverbal flow of painting one color next to another.

On the flip side, being a creative person is a complicated gift. Stepping up to my easel can feel like getting on a roller coaster.  The slow upward climb involves squirting a fresh supply of paint on my palette, referencing my sketches and images for a plan, mixing up piles of color while finding the courage to paint out a beautiful passage or exuberantly start a new painting.  Then let the magical plunge into creativity begin.

Being offered a Solo Exhibition at the Highland Beach Library is another gift. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to jump on that roller coaster again. While creating new paintings for the show, I am also honoring the work from my past. Older pieces are new again. They have been re-imaged, refreshed, reframed, un-framed while connecting my past with my future.  Coming Full Circle.

After riding the creative roller coaster almost every day for the last six month, I’ve made a list of “things I know for sure.”

  • Everyday is different.
  • Learning comes in waves.
  • Confidence and creative energy ebbs and flows.
  • Generously forgive myself for getting stuck or overwhelmed.
  • Showing up at my easel is mandatory…whether I feel like it or not.
  • Mixing colors has become a joyous game.
  • Pressing the PAUSE button to settle into my new life and home enhanced my creativity.
  • When in doubt, fearlessly add another layer of paint.

I am Coming Full Circle with a great deal of help and support from my family, friends, teachers, fellow artists, students, collectors and an amazing creative support team.

It is an honor to share my work with you.

Cynthia Maronet

Cynthia Maronet